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a blockbuster announcement, steve jobs resigns as ceo of apple, saying he can no longer meet his duties. >> he's one of the great
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innovators of our time. steve jobs departure leaves a big question mark on one of the world's most valuable brands. >> reporter: frank, the iphone, the ipad, two of the innovative products. now with his resignation, what's next for apple. >> steve announced in the '80s, all the way to here. i think apple's going to downfall. >> i am fearing that steve jobs is probably ill, and that's why this has happened. but you know, he's doing what he can. and i don't think we need to worry. >> reporter: some say jobs was more than just the face of apple. he was the face of high-tech in silicon valley. but it is face that has become gaunt over recent years as jobs battled pancreatic cancer. in stepping down, he wrote, i have always said if there ever came a day where i could no
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longer meet my expectations as apple's ceo, i would be the first to let you know. unfortunately, that day has come. >> as a guy that could sell an idea, sell a concept beyond anybody else at his time. >> reporter: jobs will remain as chairman of the board. tim cook becomes ceo. >> he knows how steve thinks. what steve's vision is. >> reporter: analysts say, steve jobs is a visionary icon. >> if you had obsessive compulsive in the directionary, you would probably see him. >> reporter: he is now 55 and has clearly made his mark in
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the world. live in palo alto. >> apple stock still got hammered in after hours trading, apple stock is down $19, or 5%,. steve jock jobs keeps his medical problems private, but we do know they go back seven years. in 2008 he appeared advicably thinner and joked that reports of his death was greatly exaggerated. in 2009, he said he had a hormone imbalance and took a leave of absence. later, it was revealed he had a liver transplant. he rose to the ranks to become the company's chief operating officer. before his tenure with apple, cook spent 12 years with ibm.
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he also worked for compaq. apple's board member art levison said tim's performance at apple have been marked by outstanding performance. our coverage continues at you'll find steve jobs resignation letter in its entirety, as well as our other reporting. coming up, we visit an apple store to ask customers about jobs legacy and the popular products he's responsible for. happening for, a delicate operation underway to drain a burning car near sacramento. it is filled with thousands of gallons of liquid propane. the threat of an explosion from that tanker is keeping thousands of people away from their homes for a second straight night tonight. ken wayne is in lincoln this evening, where crews are trying
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to mitigate the danger there, and just made a big change in their plans. >> reporter: we're about a thousand feet away from that burning tanker car. the lincoln fire chief tonight said there's still about 25,000 gallons of liquid propane in that tanker, and three more tankers with 33,000 gallons each right next to it. the flames you're looking at now were snuffed out a short time ago, a special hazmat team climbed on top of that hot tanker, pulled out a plug, inserted a 2.5-inch hose, and now 500 gallons of water per minute are pumped into that tanker. that is pushing out the liquid petroleum, and the propane gas to the surface. the flame was reignited. the fire officials say that is speeding up the process of emptying the propane out of that tanker. in any event, it's still going to likely be tomorrow morning at the earliest, before the thousands of evacuees will be
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allowed to return home. the other plan is for workers to attach a valve to the tanker. once the propane starts draining, that pond will also be set on fire. >> just think about those combinations together. welding on a propane tank that's got propane in it. that's a challenge. >> reporter: downtown lincoln is deserted. stores are closed. sidewalks empty, and signal lights brink for nonexistent traffic. the threat of the explosion prompted authorities to evacuate 3800 homes and businesses, and as many as 12,000 residents. 330,000 people are expected to spend the night at three evacuation centers. >> the attitude is positive. nobody seems to be really, people are bothered by not being able to get back into their homes, but they understand the concern and the reason for it. >> reporter: many schools are canceled. but not this girl's college class. >> kind of hard. i went to school for the first day yesterday, and when i got home, i didn't have a home
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anymore. >> reporter: this woman is waiting for an escort to pick up the cats she had to leave behind. >> they're out of food and water. we're on a 30, 40 minute wait right now, trying to get back and get them. >> reporter: the good news is this sudden change of plans appears to be working. water is now being pumped inside the tanker. again, that's pushing the propane gas and the liquid propane up. because water is heavier. that's allowing the flame to burn off that gas. the big worry was, that if gas got out with no flame, the gas is actually heavy, and would pool along the ground. it could spread out away from the tanker. eventually, reach a hot water heater with a pilot light and explode. so that's why, in this case, fire officials say fire is a good thing. live in lincoln, ken wayne, channel 2 news. a closer look at the earthquakes may have rattled some nerves. experts say it does not diminish the chances of a stronger quake striking in the
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future. the san leandro area has received three earthquakes in the last week. the shaking was felt across the east bay, but no damage or injuries were reported. this earthquake cluster is a bit unusual, but nothing to be alarmed about. >> in terms of does it change what the chances are of having a large earthquake in the next, like today, tomorrow, in the next year? not really. >> a 2007 usgs report says there is a 30% chance the hayward fault -- new cracks were also spotted in the washington monument in adish to the one spotted near the top that was first spotted yesterday. the monument is closed until repairs are finished. damage to the national
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cathedral appears to be limited to decorative elements. not the structure itself. repairs are expected to cost millions of dollars. in virginia, much of the damage is not covered by insurance, since quakes there are rare, most don't by earthquake insurance. in general, many of the buildings there are older, not built to ridged seismic standards that we have here in california. and coming up, sensing that an earthquake is coming, the warning that can be seen in many animals and the science behind it. ktvu's eric rasmussen reports on today's special board meeting and those concerned about sincership, and infringements on free speech. >> from the bart platform.
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to the boardroom. bart heard from some of the protesters who shut down stations and rattled commuters nerves. >> you say you want dialogue, please actually listen, and please actually act. >> the fight against free speech and against expression. >> when you have crowded platforms that is a safety issue. >> reporter: even bart board members disagreed at times over the move police say was needed. >> we can't sit back like big brother and say we're going to stop you because we don't like the message, or we're going to spin it because it's all about safety. >> reporter: at least one lead protester didn't seem interested in mending fences with commuters fed up with repeated delays. >> do you think you've lost the
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support or the sympathy of the public at this point? >> i can turn that around and ask you, do you think the public supports the murder of unarmed passengers now, because they've been inconvenienced. >> reporter: board members could likely vote on new tougher rules about when police can turn off cell service. in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. activists rallied outside oakland district headquarters today, demanding that the oakland police chief be fired. bat and another officer were involved in a fatal shooting in january. protesters call it murder. but an investigation cleared the officers. bat took over on a temporary basis for peter sarna who resigned last week. back here in ten minutes
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with a fog forecast that most likely will deliver fog to your neighborhood. celebration in libya tonight. where is moammar gadhafi? the big incentive now being offered to find him. >> changes to security at sfo. what's being down to address privacy concerns, and why it's not being ruled out everywhere. sir, the plaintiff claims she changed her travel plans, paid the difference in airfare, but you added a 150-dollar change fee. oh, boo hoo. who can afford a 150-dollar change fee?
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in downtown tripoli, rebels set off fireworks tonight and fired their guns in celebration. rebels claim they now control 80, to 90% of the country. the whereabouts of moammar gadhafi are still unknown, but there is a big incentive to turn him in. >> reporter: rebels say the stakeholder moammar gadhafi's loyalists are taking there, may mean the ousted leader is nearby, or it's a ruse to keep them busy, while gadhafi's supporters move him elsewhere. >> he's looking for a spider hole, and howling, that he says, calling on the tribals for rebellence. because the regime has fallen. >> reporter: they offered amnesty for anyone in his inner
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circle who kills or captures him. pro gadhafi sources released three dozen journalists, they've held captive for five days. >> we are free. >> the whole country, the whole city, is celebrating its freedom. i feel a sort of connection with them. i feel a connection with them. >> reporter: the red cross helped arrange their freedom, one reporter says it had quote, slowly dawned on their guards that gadhafi's government was collapsing. while they are safe, four italian journalists were kidnapped on their road to tripoli. to put into perspective how long moammar gadhafi has been in power. he took over in 1969, the same year richard nixon became president here. the obama administration asked to unfreeze gadhafi funds
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and give them to the rebels. the u.s. ambassador plans to request a vote by the council tomorrow at noon our time. police say two men involved in today's botched armored car robbery were brothers. tonight, one of them is dead, the other is behind bars. police say the attempted robbery occurred this morning just off of interstate 80. according to police, 25-year- old pierre daniel and his brother, freddy daniel, tried to rob an armored car. the female guard put up a fight and a gun battle broke out. >> all of a sudden, i heard a couple of shots, and i seen a guy with red shoes and a black cap running across. >> pierre daniel was killed. police say his younger brother was involved in the shootout, and suffered a superficial wound. the guard underwent surgery, her condition has not been
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released. police had warrants issued for the two daniel brothers in connection with a similar robbery back in may at another bank about a mile away. oakland police are asking the public to help them identify an african american man who was found shot to death early yesterday morning. a word of warning, we're about to show you two photos of the dead man's arms. the first photo shows a tatoo that says teresa. it is located on the man's left fortunately forearm. the man also had a series of stars tatood on his right forearm. police say the man is between 20 and 30 years old. anyone with information on his identity is asked to call oakland police. an update now on a story that was breaking news today on ktvu, channel 2 news at noon. we have now learned the identity of a pedestrian killed by anamtrak train. kevin appleshill was fatally
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struck. theamtrak train was heading to los angeles. the train resumed its trip south at about 2:00 this afternoon. a fremont company claims to have a new way to get mass transit projects off the ground. smt rail reliced this video of an elevated rail system this week. featuring san francisco as the backdrop. the company says it can use magnet technology to help run an environmentally friendly transit system. smt also says the electricity for its trains would come from solar panels. privacy concerns prompted a change at sfo. why updating some scanners will still take some time. >> reporter: tsa body scanners produce detailed, and some say highly intrucive images, such as this. >> i think it does take it too
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far. i would feel uncomfortable. >> reporter: now using the same hardware, software wizards have been able to show this generic, but still accurate image. >> now it's to highlight anomalies, or any kind of threat that might be on a passenger. >> reporter: it detects organic explosives. pinpointing where additional screening is required. the system requires fewer tsa personnel, while enhancing privacy. >> much better. >> i think it's, you know, a bit invasive to be able to go through and look at people's body shapes and things like that. >> reporter: but it may be age related. >> either way would be fine with me. >> a suspect it's an improvement. i didn't mind the other that
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much, because it didn't seem intrucive to me. >> reporter: tsa says it only works on half its scanners. i'm consumer editor, tom vacar. barry bonds is scheduled to return to san francisco, federal court tomorrow to try to persuade a judge to throw out his conviction for obstruction of justice. bonds was found guilty of that one felony back in april. looking into the use of performance enhancing drugs. specifically, bonds was asked if he knew what his personal trainer was given him in a syringe. prosecutors alleged that what bonds said was evasive, and led to obstruction. temperatures did cool inland he locations today.
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right now outside, we've still got mid-60s in the valley, 70 degrees at the oakland airport. temperatures tomorrow are on the cooler side, plenty of fog. we had a dense fog advisory this morning along the coast. tomorrow morning, more fog is already burning well into the bay. some drizzle possible as well. temperatures tomorrow are going to be mostly three or four degrees cooler than today. the fog footprint at 7:00 a.m., more fog than we've seen in a while. fog burns back quickly, but the damage is done. the cool air is in place. the big changes coming as we head into this weekend. it's going to get hotter in the inland valleys. i'll tell you how hot at 10:45. skeintivitys say the -- scientists say the death of a gray whale may remain a mystery. they may not help determine the cause of death. the whale and her calf entered clam ought on june 24. the calf made it back to sea, but the mother whale died after
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beaching herself on a sand bar. a bay area man falls to his death. wile ask park ranger -- we'll ask park rangers why this has been a particularly deadly year. first, what we know about a serious accident that sent five people to the hospital.
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new video tonight from san francisco. a collision in the silver terrace neighborhood sent five people to the hospital. two vehicles collided. it appears the mustang hit the driver's side door of the minivan. police tell us a man in a minivan suffered life- threatening injuries. ktvu's maureen naylor tells
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us, this has been a particularly deadly year at yosemite. the question is why. >> reporter: yosemite park officials say witnesses saw 23- year-old ryan leeder fall off the face of half dome monday evening. >> tuesday, we were able to spot his body, via a helicopter and then rangers hiked up to him. we retrieved the body yesterday afternoon. >> reporter: the park spokesman says leeders 25-foot fall appears accidental. yosemite averages between 12 and 15 deaths a year. this year, the total is already at 17. last month, a 26-year-old san ramon woman plummeted to her death. the same month, three people from the central valley were swept to their deaths. >> it's sad, any way, shape, or form. >> reporter: daniel has noticed a change since the park started requiring permits. >> the crowds are a little more
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metered out. which is key, especially at the very end. it can get really crowded on the cables, because everybody slows down. >> reporter: 2.2 million visitors have come to yosemite so far this year, with a record attendance last month. park officials don't think the above average attendance, or water flow has contributed to the higher number of deaths. >> we just feel that for, you know, for some reason, this year, there seems to be more fatalities. >> reporter: rangers stress, yosemite is a wild place, and they urge visitors to use caution. new at 10:00, the san jose police department is parting company with two federal immigration officers following a storm of community opposition. chief moore brought the investigators onboard in june, to help with operation community shield after the
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start of the year. this evening's community activists expressed gratitude that the agents are gone. >> it was incredibly difficult for members of our community to think they could call police without fears of other kinds of repercussions. >> the democratic says there hasn't been a gang related killing since june 14,. people in concord who own toyota trucks and 4 runners can now get free protection from an expensive problem. concord toyota says it will install special tamperry resistent gear. thefts of catalytic converters are on the rise. toyota 4 runners and pickup trucks are especially vulnerable because the high ground clearance makes it easy for thieves to get to the parts.
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known for the mac and the iphone, a look tonight as steve jobs legacy through the eyes of a former business associate. plus, word about late damage as hurricane irene storms the caribbean. tracking where that storm is headed next. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. ok, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. oh, fun, yeah.
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1...2...3... jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. ha! she's so pretty. yeah. or, we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t. word that steve jobs is stepping down spread quickly this afternoon. we have been talking with his fans tonight, who say apple will not be the same, but it will survive talked with a former business associate about the company's future. >> reporter: jobs' contribution to culture is massive. the products are unique. many say the results of jobs
10:31 pm
unique vision. there are few store openings that garner as much excitement few product launches that garner as much hype. and few things he will drive an hour out of his way to buy. >> my second apple tv. >> reporter: shopping today at the new apple store in berkely. he was sad to heard news that steve jobs leave of absence is now permanent. >> he's like, he's apple. he's the reason why i buy apple products. >> reporter: many credit his vision, his leadership, and his risks for leading to the hugely popular products. >> we owe a lot to steve jobs. >> reporter: greg birken created the first software for
10:32 pm
macintosh. >> it's a very emotional time. >> reporter: birken admits, while there is no one in the tech world with a larger and broader influence on their company, he insists apple will remain a leader in innovation. >> i think apple will continue not just abouting the wealthiest company on the earth, but to being the most impactful computer company on the planet. >> reporter: we'll see next month if jobs departure has an impact. that's when apple is reportedly going to release its highly anticipated iphone 5. reporting live in san francisco, heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. come november, those interested will have a chance to learn more about steve jobs. barnes and noble announced a release date for jobs authorized biography was moved up to november. it was originally announced to be released next march. a new leader is emerging tonight among the republican candidates for president. the latest gallup poll shows
10:33 pm
texas governor rick perry with 29%, followed by mitt romney with 17%. ron paul is in third place with 13%. and congresswoman michele bachmann has 10%. the other republicans all had less than 4%. nit romney said previously he didn't believe global warming was manmade. today he said he does believe the world is getting warmer and human activity is contributing. hurricane irene is steaming across the bahamas tonight, gaining strength. these pictures show what irene has done in the caribbean. there is word that the hurricane has damaged 90% of the homes on two southern islands in the bahamas. the dominican republic was also hit hard.
10:34 pm
so far, no deaths have been reported. voluntary evacuations are underway tonight along north carolina's outer banks. tomorrow, the evacuations are mandatory. many remember hurricane floyd in 1999. despite news of this latest hurricane, some people are refusing to leave. here's the latest on irene. right now, it stands at category 3. as it moves up the east coast, by tomorrow about 5:00, it's going to go to about a category 4. that's the forecast. here's the timeframe, friday, it stays offshore. saturday, off the carolinas. then it moves up into the new england states. probably a tropical storm as it moves toward the new england states. here are all the possible tracks it could take. it shows all the forecast model solutions. you can see it keeps it
10:35 pm
offshore through saturday. then most of the solutions run through boston, most likely less than a category 1. the biggest impact on us will be the flight delays. i'm back here in ten minutes. a look at your forecast, and also a look at your bay area weekend. see you in about ten. >> you can get an idea of just how massive hurricane irene is from space. the crew of the international space station provided a view today, widening the shot to get the full perspective. irene is big. the astronauts also noted the eye was better defined today. hundreds of workers in free month are hoping that it could be just what they need. rob roth tells us what they did today that could lead to a job in a completely different field. >> for years these folks helped build automobiles. today they were looking for a job in the medical field.
10:36 pm
hundreds of laid off muni workers gathered to look for jobs from kaiser permanenty. >> hard. try to find work. went to school, try to better yourself, got to keep your head positive. >> any luck? >> so far no. >> reporter: this man was a quality control inspector. >> nothing out there. >> reporter: kaiser recruiters spoke about nonclinical jobs, such as medical assistants and clerks. >> if more companies can work with us, things are going to be much easier and faster for clients. >> reporter: for these former
10:37 pm
auto workers the plant closing was devastating. >> makes you recalculate your life, and say i'm capable of doing something different, i'm going to do it. >> reporter: muni expects to put on another job fair next month with recruiters from coca- cola. a conclusion to one of the bay area's most troubling murder cases. the long awaited evidence. a coalition of community unions taking aim at the city of san francisco. why they are up in arms about what at&t wants to do. beyonce, gets black listed.
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this year's finalist for our heros have been chosen. nathali moorehead, susan schwartz. arthur boone, christa and jeffrey beecher. vote now at conserves heros. the santa clairey district attorney said one of the most notorious criminal cases has now been solved. she died ten years ago. the keys to a break in the case, 27 distinct, and colorful rug finallers found in nasmeh's jeep. test results proved he killed harms and hit her body in the rug. >> this is not like finding a
10:41 pm
needle in a haystack. this is like finding a needle in a stack of needles. >> in january, jeanine harm's brother shot and killed nasmeh and killed suicide. the family of a woman killed eight years ago is hoping to find her kill. she and her friend were shot in april of 2003, while walking along huntwood avenue in hayward. her mother says her family needs some answers. several community groups are suing the city of san francisco in an attempt to slow down at&t's activity to install hundreds of u verse boxes. city planners have determined the report is not necessary. at&t wants to install 726 equipment boxes on sidewalks
10:42 pm
and public property. opponents say the boxes are too big, obstruct foot traffic and ruin neighborhood aesthetics. in news of the world, visiting korean leader, kim jung il said he is ready to stop testing weapons of mass destruction. he stopped short of saying he's willing to resume the long stalled disarmament talks with the united states and other countries. in greece, 3,000 soccer fans rioted overnight. there were no reports of any injuries or arrests from the protests. in kenya, aid workers say there are fewer refugees fleeing the famine war in somalia, but the numbers are still staggering. instead of the 1400 arriving
10:43 pm
every day. 1200 are now somehowing up. nearly a half million people are already there seeking help. many were near starvation when they arrived. aide workers are appealing for more international help. the chinese government is telling internet providers to pull the plug on more than 100 songs, including hits by beyonce, and lady gaga. ♪ [ music ] >> the chinese government released a list of songs it wants removed from the internet in china. the list includes six songs by lady gaga and beyonce's run the world. websites that provide content in china have until mid- september to remove the songs. our chief meteorologist bay area forecast is just six minutes away. can zoo animals predict earthquakes? some interesting behavior, and science to explain it. passengers are getting ready to board boeing's newest
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jet. see which airline is going to debut the dream liner. go! go!
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people have long said animals can sense an earthquake, just before it's about to hit. tonight, ktvu health and science investigator investigates whether the animal alert is fact or fiction. >> reporter: 10 seconds before the quake, the zoo's giraffes became agitated. the flamingos flocked together. monkeys began to howl. >> i think they have a stronger since of what's going to happen. >> our dog feels the earthquake before we do. >> reporter: last year, this job in eureka jumped up an ran several seconds before an earthquake. >> it's like an instinct they have, or something like that. >> reporter: scientists say
10:47 pm
before we feel the shaking, there's a less obvious pressure wave that arrives first. it can create what is called a ground coupled sound wave. >> it's entirely possible that the animals can hear that voice. it's outside of our normal hearing range. >> reporter: less easily explanned are the rodents, fish sometimes fleeing delays before an earthquake. based on lost pet ads, a retired scientist published an erie prediction in advance of an earthquake. >> i know that animals can predict quakes. >> reporter: the problem, it's not reliable. it's interesting, but not useful. >> we don't really have any evidence that we can use to predict earthquakes. >> reporter: the oakland zoo says the animals here did not react. they simply maybe used to them. ktvu, channel 2 news. fema and cell phone care
10:48 pm
areas want people to use their fingers to do the talking the next time disaster strikes. countless people out east tried to use their cell phones to contact their relatives. but for 20 minutes, most people weren't able to get through, because the networks were overwhelmed. the cell phone industry says its infrastructure was not damaged, but that customers need to do their part. >> try and limit the communication that you have so that many people can use it. otherwise you have to get in line. >> some lawmakers are calling for the government to reserve a communication spectrum to ensure first responders can communicate in the event of a disaster. u.s. stock markets pushed higher today. the dow industrials rose 143 points. investors were buoyed by a
10:49 pm
report showing reports for durable goods rose 4% in july. commercial flights on boeing's new dream liner 787 are soon going to become a reality. japanese carrier, all nipon airways. samsung says it is not interested in buying hewlett- packard's computer business. putting rumors to rest, and apologizing for any confusion. hp is considering selling its pc unit to focus on more profitable ventures. we're talking about the weather as the fog moves in tonight. more fog tonight than we had yesterday, temperatures tomorrow will be slightly cooler. we go to our live automated buoy out in the martinez, antioch area. winds gusting to 22 miles an
10:50 pm
hour. that's a west wind, bringing cool air into the valleys. so concord is down to 64 degrees. the fog is going to have a fairly strong push tonight. that will have an impact on highs tomorrow. these were the highs from today. they did cool. most areas 5, to 8. some areas 10 degrees. highs tomorrow, because of that wind, that's why i showed you the wind pulling the cool air into the valley, will cool temperatures down. 65 in fairfield. cool up in santa rosa. 57. 59 in hayward. really, this time of year, what you're doing is you're watching the fog. how far inland it goes is determinant on how windy it's -- warm it's going to be the next day. the fog pinches down against the coast. not going to pinch down tomorrow. it's getting fat.
10:51 pm
over the coastal hills. there's your bay area fog footprint. tomorrow should be the coolest day of the week. that is in fact going to be the case. you still have your heat in the valley. more of that heat, the reds are going to start coming our way on friday, saturday, and sunday. it's going to be a pretty warm, to hot weekend inland. as you move through the bay area, upper 50s, around san francisco. in oakland hills, upper 60s. this isn't that warm. cooler than it was today. broad brush in temperatures. just the model throwing out a number. but it's close. 87degrees or so in the livermore valley. the high pressure is going to build on the weekend as i mentioned. that means temperatures on the increase. a warming trend as we move into the bay area weekend. forecast highs tomorrow, 92, or 82 in petaluma. your five-day forecast with your weekend in view, you can
10:52 pm
see temperatures really start to rack up for the way area weekend. the fire danger goes up, but it looks good. >> looks hotter, all right. a culinary milestone. honors a famous bay area chef at the same time.
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the levi strauss company threw a party for waters. to celebrate, union square's maiden lane was transformed into an alfresco version of the restaurant. in honor of that, folks were asked to donate money to her projectk the edible school yard. >> that looks like fun out there. a great night for tim lincecum. >> yeah looking cy youngy again for the last couple of months. a lot more like the plan envisioned when they got carlos beltran. how about getting lincecum a bunch of runs for a change? it didn't happen tonight. it would have been great to see those two guys play. just off the dl. carlos beltran, his first homer
10:56 pm
as a giant, a solo shot, breaking up a scoreless game, 1- 0. in the 5th, brandon belt, into triple's valley, and aptly named by the time they track it down, the rocky has himself a three base hit. the padres forced to bring in the infield. that helps. lincecum himself with just a little dunker into right field. it fetches a run. it was a run they would need. lincecum winds up winning, 2-1. he's now 12-10. prior to the game, the big story, the giants claiming padre closer heath bell off the waiver wire. they have 48 hours to try to work out a deal. here's what heath bell said about the possibility. >> they're world champs, they! me, i feel pretty honored. i don't know. i'm still here.
10:57 pm
so there's really nothing to report. a's fans will tell you, for a long time, it's kind of like the yankees just kind of toss their gloves out on the field and they beat the a's. new york had won 10 consecutive series against the a's. not this time. the a's take on the stadium, and for the second straight night, they come out on top. scott sizemore scoring. in the 8th, mark teixeira deep. his 35th of the year. so low homer. 3-3. we go to the 10th. coco crisp. what a night. four hits, five rbi's. three of them on that swing right there leaving the yard. a's beat the yankees second straight night. kind of like a hired gun. kerry collins. the indy colts have lured him
10:58 pm
out of retirement. peyton manning is not recovering as fast as expected after undergoing surgery to repair a nerve in his neck. manning is doubtful for the colt's opener. kind of surprised they didn't try to lure brett favre out of retirement. >> don't even say that. >> he'd be happy to do it, i'm sure. be sure to join the ktvu morning news to follow the apple story. thanks for joining us. and unlike other stores, we don't make you come back to save.
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